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Personal Income Tax Checklist

*Please make certain to gather all of the following items before making an appointment for your personal income taxes.


*If you are a new client, provide copies of your last year’s tax returns (federal & state) and:

  1. All W-2 Forms (wages) and all 1099 Forms (interest-1099-INT, dividends-1099-DIV, sale of securities-1099-B,  pensions-1099-R, IRA/Keogh or other retirement plan withdrawals-1099-R), Health insurance cards, Form 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (if applicable), Form 1095-B (if applicable), Form 1095-C (if applicable), any IRA contributions that you have made or will be making and/or other retirement plan contributions (if applicable), state tax refund information-1099-G (if available), Social Security-SSA-1099, unemployment compensation-1099-G and commissions and fees-1099-MISC.
  2. Provide copies of returns (K-1s) for partnerships, joint ventures, S corporations, estates or trusts.
  3. If you sold real estate, stock or a mutual fund, you’ll need these papers in regards to these activities.
  4. If you refinanced your home or other property this year, you should have a copy of your closing statement.
  5. Estimated (ES) tax forms sent to you by the government, if you are making estimated tax payments.